St. Mark United Methodist Church – Website Redesign

Written by Chad -

Amber and I had the honor and the privilege to work with an amazing church from Alabama on their website. St. Mark United Methodist Church (SMUMC) is a growing church that has a heart full of love for their members, community and for the people around the world. We were able to connect with SMUMC through a fantastic couple—Jacob and Ashlee Tucker—that we met at Passion earlier this year in Atlanta. They asked us to help them out with their church's website once they found out that we that we specialize in design for churches, ministries and small businesses. With some great phone conversation and a weekend spent together, all four of us were ready for the creative process.

A couple of days ago, SMUMC went live with their brand new website at

Amber and I started to put together some mood boards to help us understand what they were looking for in a website. After some research and creative brainstorming, we came up with these two mood boards for SMUMC:

SMUMC really wanted a bold, minimalist website style with a red color scheme to match their new logo, so we combined those assets from both mood boards into this:

With the inspiration arrow pointed in the right direction, Amber and I went to work. With the help of, we were able to put together the bones for their clean, minimalist website styled with bold colors, simple icons and easy navigation. They filled their site out with SMUMC's features and images to make it their own. Check out a few of their pages:


By far our favorite page on SMUMC's website is their "New Here?" page. The welcome video from their paster and VIP visitor form will be key in welcoming new visitors to their site and most of all, to their church. All of the studies we read regarding church websites mentioned incredible growth and connection in their church community due to their "New Here?" pages. We can't wait to here how God will move within SMUMC.

The other great feature that has to offer is that all designs are mobile-ready. With more and more of their members being on smart phones, SMUMC really wanted to make sure that they are staying with the times. It was truly exciting to see SMUMC's website on a smart phone: