I'm an observer of details, lover of human connection, and a storyteller at my core.

Mix those reasons with my passion for photography, and that's how I know I was made to be a documentary photographer.

I feel blessed that this "job" is how I've made my living since 2010, but even more blessed when I consider everything I've learned and gained from spending time with couples, parents, kids and families of all kinds. It is truly my pleasure to document the little, ordinary, everyday moments so that genuine memories can be cherished forever. (Based in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area – available for travel.)

On this page are a few photos and juicy details that make me "me."



  • I said "I do" to Chad Langhoff at the altar on February 2, 2008. We're still madly in love, but some days require more intentionality than others.

  • There are two adorable little people who know me as “Mommy” (Elias—April 2016 and Milly—May 2018) and I couldn’t be more thankful for that role.

  • My camera is handy at all times and I'm dedicated to shooting my own life every day.

  • There's a silver lining within reach; my glass is [more than] half full; “everything is awesome” in true Lego Movie fashion.

  • I prefer hiking, camping, kayaking and snow shoeing over indoor activities, fancy meals & oceanside resorts.

  • Any success I find with this business or otherwise can be credited to God alone—He is the strength in my weakness, the guider of my steps, and the giver of any talent I have.


  • I dream about exploring and photographing Iceland.

  • After our kids go to bed, Chad and I like to play board games or have bonfires in our back yard as mini date nights. (Praise the Lord for baby monitors!)

  • I occasionally sneak in dark chocolate and a glass of wine to my otherwise clean, organic diet.

  • I wonder if I should write a book, seeing as how much I love blogging & encouraging others.


  • Coffee. (Eww.) Chai tea lattes for me, please!

  • I was never a "baby person," but after having my first baby (April 2016), that changed.

  • I didn't think that getting back to work after having a baby would be as hard as it was / has been!

  • Michigan Wolverines—yuck. I grew up in Michigan in a nice, green & white family. Michigan State Spartans all the way! All the basketball, all the time.



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