Genuine, candid images transform simple, ordinary moments into forever memories to be cherished. 

I'd love to artfully capture your family's current season with a Real Life Session of documentary photos.

Leave your matching outfits in the closet; your vintage couch isn't going in any field. You don't need to be "good in front of the camera" for this type of session. Your house doesn't need to be spotless and your kids don't need to act like perfect angels... The more "everyday," the better!

A few "say cheese" group shots can be taken, but this will primarily be a relaxed, spontaneous type of session in which documentary / journalistic photos are the purpose. I promise it won't be awkward! I'll just be joining your family for the day, hanging out with you, doing what you do—you'll probably forget I even have cameras on me.


Based in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area  •  Available for travel



Session Prices

Every Session includes an online gallery of images for viewing and sharing. Custom Albums, Prints, Canvas Wraps, Digital Files and more are available for purchase during in-studio ordering session (within one month of Photo Session). See Products page for options.



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"This concept is really cool for other families, but..."


"...I'm not good in front of the camera / not photogenic."
Forget what you know about "photo shoots." If you know how to have fun & be comfortable with your family, that's all that matters. "Real life" is beautiful, as-is—no modeling experience required.  

" husband won't go for this."
I bet your husband has an aversion to "photo shoots" from a not-so-fun past experience that may or may not have involved matching outfits and cheesy poses. This is totally different—if your husband enjoys time with your family, all he has to do is live it up while I'm there. He'll probably forget there are even cameras around! 

" kids might act up and I might yell at them."
Kids will be kids... And to be honest, some of my favorite, most memorable family images of clients & my own family are during "naughty" moments. Kids do hilarious, mischievous things worth documenting + any opportunity I have to capture moments of parenthood is beautiful. When I look back on my life, I know I'll treasure (and laugh at) even the frustrating moments—everything is fleeting and no one is perfect.



" house isn't finished / isn't clean."
Is anyone's house really "picture perfect" on a daily basis? Chances are, your home appears "lived in" and that is beautiful, dirty dishes and all. Some day, if/when your house looks like the magazine home you dream of, this current season will make that celebration even sweeter. Embrace it!

" life isn't that exciting."
Documenting the "boring" stuff is still important! A couple years ago, my husband and I were the least excited about our lives—living and working out of a small apartment we hated, not feeling fulfilled, no kids or pets. I'm so glad we had a photographer capture that season for us! Now that we have moved forward, we look back feeling encouraged. "Remember when..." seasons propel us. Read my full blog post about this topic »

"...I'm a photographer, myself."
My husband and I are BOTH photographers and we STILL hire a photographer at least once or twice a year to document our life (even before we had any kids). Sure, self-timers are cool, but amazing, genuine images of your candid life are impossible without a third party. Later in life, your kids will want to see you IN photos with them. (You may feel uncomfortable on the other side of the camera, but you'll thank yourself later & maybe even shed a few tears.)



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