We've Been "Busy"

Busy traveling to see family, busy working hard, busy stomping ocean waves, busy considering our dreams for the present and the future, busy analyzing our businesses, busy searching for the best sticks in the yard, busy supporting one another, busy praying over the growing ministry we're a part of, busy pointing at the moon, busy developing our trust in the Lord...

Real Life is Tough

I may be stressed in some of these current moments, but some day I'll want to "remember when" or show my son what life looked like for our family. I recently had the opportunity to document a family of 6 that included baby boy twins. They made "tough" look so easy, although they assured me they didn't feel like they had it all together... 

A Happy Father's Day

Elias is the luckiest little boy to have Chad as "dada" and I am the luckiest mom to have him as my teammate. We love him from the bottom of our hearts, and this post explains a few of the reasons why. 

Real Life is Wild

Sometimes the most memorable days are unscripted. Some days the kids are fully alive in their freedom to be wild. Often, the spontaneous, unplanned moments are the most meaningful.

Real Life is Messy

If I had a dollar for every day of my life I felt like I had it all together, I’d be broke. In this current culture of comparison we live in, there is a desire to project the image of the life we wish we had or the image of the life we want others to think we have. Do you ever stop and wonder if that pretty, perfect, put-together life is pretend? Are you exhausted by it like I am?

Allison, NC State Fashion Design Graduate

Recently I got to witness an entirely new level of "Allison" that I had previously only heard about. I had the pleasure of spending some time with her in the NC State design studio she has practically lived in for the last four years as she has tirelessly worked toward her degree in textiles, focusing on apparel design. This documentary Senior Session tells her story.

Growing Up In Freedom

The freedom we walk in today wasn't free—we want Elias to grow up knowing that. Today on Memorial Day, we went to Veterans Freedom Park in Cary with friends to celebrate and remember all of the USA veterans who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Real Life is Fleeting

Your baby won't always fit in the sink, your toddler won't get into cupboards much longer, and the training wheels are coming off that bike before you know it. There are so many little, everyday moments that make your current season special. Don't let them slip away undocumented!

Our Game-changing Second Vehicle

For over 6 years, Chad and I have been rocking the "one car" life in the spirit of minimalism. For the last year, we've even made our small, shared car work with a baby in tow. BUT, now with Chad working in Raleigh most of the week at his new job, mama needed some wheels! We're so thankful for the blessing of a second vehicle—it has already changed the game for us in just four days...

Jared & Jennifer, engaged to be married

These two. When Jared and Jennifer are together, it just feels right... This downtown Durham engagement session was sweet, and today, they are getting married! They are clearly meant to be together and they will continue to inspire others in marriage for years to come.