The Langhoffs

Based in Durham, North Carolina, we're a husband & wife documentary photography team who is passionate about people and their stories.

We come alive with cameras in our hands, whether that's on hiking trails, at church, in someone's home, or at an event. It truly brings us joy to help others see the joy in their own lives! This full-time business has been a dream come true for us; a dream we've proudly pursued with determination for nearly five years. But that's not all that makes us tick...

Stories we tell

We believe life is beautiful—flaws and all—and should be captured and preserved in its most genuine form. We enable real moments to become unforgettable memories.

After a Session, we don't want you to look at your images and remember a photo shoot—we want your mind to be transported to seasons of your life as they actually happened. Click to learn more about the Sessions we offer:

featured stories

Genuine stories are beautiful, no matter how pretty they may be. We enjoy featuring the honest stories of our lives and the lives of our clients.