George Plays Baseball | Real Life Session '18

George plays baseball—a perfect reason for Documentary Family Photography! When this little leaguer's mom contacted me about documenting him playing baseball, I was SO excited. George loves baseball, and although he's one of the smallest players on his team, he sure holds his own on the field! Documenting him at bat and fielding from several angles was cool, but the side moments like cheering on his team, the coach's huddle, that dad pep talk through the fence, parent interactions and players in the dugout were extra special. 
Since George is so passionate about baseball, his parents spend LOTS of time at the diamonds during this season. Having the "in action" moments captured of him on the Tigers team meant a great deal to them + gave me life as a photographer. Team portraits are nice to have, but check out the highlights of this journalistic approach to sports photography. Go, George!