The Livingood Family | Real Life Session - Oct '17

About five months ago, I had the honor of documenting the daily life of one of my favorite families. Not only am I encouraged by the way Blake and Jessica lead their family, but their practices of faith, health and wellness are beyond inspiring! (Seriously, check out if you don’t believe me—their knowledge, passion and care have quite literally changed my life and the health trajectory of my family! …shameless plug... #realhealth) 

They value having their “real life” captured every so often so they can remember each stage of their family’s history as it really happened. When you check out the images from their Session, I think you’ll agree that their two little kids, Sullivan and London are absolutely adorable, too. From sweet cuddles, to wood chip eating, nose-picking, surprise visit from a slimy critter, sibling squabbles, and family dinner, this is one of my favorite Sessions to date.

Although I always make it a point to get families together for a couple “say cheese” shots while I’m with them, the main purpose of my Documentary Family Sessions is to let things naturally unfold—nothing is coaxed, posed, or set up in any way—it’s all genuine, and I capture whatever I see. I believe real life is beautiful, as-is. 

I hope you enjoy the highlights from the Livingood family’s 2-hour Real Life Session.
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