Welcome, Audo! | Documentary Newborn Session '18

When I photographed Alex and Katie's Maternity Session back in January, none of us had any idea that their sweet baby would be born just eight days later! They were still tossing around names for boys and girls at that time...

On January 21st, they found out—it was a boy! They welcomed little Audo into their family, and twelve days later on February 2nd, I had the honor and privilege of documenting their season as new parents of a precious, healthy newborn! 

Just like before, the involvement of their two dogs, Colonel and Sasha, was absolutely adorable. Their new little brother now occupies their old lap seats, but this time they were much more protective and curious. The most special aspect of this particular Newborn Session, though, was the presence of both of Audo's grandmothers! The support and encouragement of both of Alex and Katie's mothers was inspiring to me, even as a third party. This family's love was on another level. (And, as a bonus to me, I got to photograph all of their reactions to seeing the Maternity Session images on screen from a few weeks prior.)

I hope you enjoy these image highlights from their Documentary Newborn Session—including feedings, bath time, sleepy yawns, snuggles, diaper changes and more. Just like with all of my Real Life Sessions, nothing is coaxed, posed, or set up in any way—it all unfolded genuinely, right before my eyes. Real life is beautiful, as-is.