The Hayslette Home | Real Life Session '18

There are an infinite amount of memories created inside homes. When Cody came to me with the idea of documenting his family interacting in their home before their parents sell it, I got SO excited.

Cody and his brother basically grew up in this beautiful Wake Forest home with their parents and grandmother. They had numerous extended family gatherings, countless meals, and friends stopping in all the time. They all agreed that on any given day, they never knew who would show up for dinner, but there was always enough food and there were plenty of laughs.

Cody's parents have begun packing much of the house to move, but there were still plenty of meaningful things placed around the home. Although I shot many images of the house itself for their memories, this feature highlights their interaction together (arguably the most beautiful part, anyway!). I love Grandma's coloring station and quilting room, the family game table, the music and conversation, and of course, the dinner time together. SO special! And, who agrees that Cody's wife Angie is the luckiest lady to marry into this sweet of a family?!