The Gambino Family | Documentary Maternity Session '18

Documenting this special season of pregnancy for Alex and Katie was a treat! They were due to have their baby in a few weeks from this January 13th Session, so the peaceful mood with vinyl tunes spinning in the background was beautiful to me. The two dreamt about their future as a family of three, prepared the nursery, and tossed around potential names for a little boy or a little girl.

My favorite part may have been the sweet involvement of the two dogs, Colonel and Sasha, which was unmistakable—clearly they understand they are the first two real babies of this family! No matter where Alex and Katie went or what they did, they had furry shadows right at their feet joining in the action. The pups were so curious about what was going on and so cuddly with their mama's pregnant belly.

Getting to know this couple was inspiring—their teamwork and friendly, loving conversation would give anyone proof that they will be wonderful parents together! I couldn't help but join their excitement for their bundle on the way.

[TEASER: Their baby couldn't wait to meet them, and ended up being born just eight days after this Session! Newborn Session feature coming soon...]

I hope you enjoy these image highlights from their Documentary Maternity Session. Just like with all of my Real Life Sessions, nothing is coaxed, posed, or set up in any way—it all unfolded genuinely, right before my eyes. Real life is beautiful, as-is.