8 Hours With the McGraths | Real Life Session '17

An 8-hour Real Life Session with a family is my absolute FAVORITE thing to shoot. When a family is just living their everyday, normal life, I get a chance to capture so many genuine moments and turn them into images that freeze a chapter of their lives. Portraits can be pretty, but when every image in a Session brings you back to a specific memory, it's truly beautiful.

Tarah and John adopted Aria a little over a year ago and their new life as a family of three is inspiring, fun, spontaneous and filled with more love than you can imagine. Their pups add another level of excitement, too! For this Session, they had me document them decorating their home for Christmas + many of their favorite, everyday activities like playing at the park and heading into Target. Plus, I loved that their Target trips always include a Starbucks stop. Aria (2.5-yrs-old) prefers the "red one" over the "green one" every time. Hahaha!

And I mentioned "real life" right? This 8-hour Session even included a halfway break after little Aria sliced her finger and the family had to make a run to the ER. After some medical glue and a fancy bandage, we picked back up where we left off the next day with making dinner as a family, dance party in the living room and the bath & bed time routine. Soooo sweet. Soooo memorable.

I cannot WAIT to see a handful of these images in large prints on their walls when their order comes in! I hope you enjoy these highlights from their Real Life Session.