The Schulte Family | Real Life Session '17

I wasn’t great at consistently blogging in 2017, but I have some Sessions that I absolutely LOVE that just have to be shared!

Back in February, I had the honor of documenting the everyday, real life of the Schulte family.  I can tell you confidently, after only a few hours of being a fly on the wall, it is definitely no walk in the park to have four kids under four, especially when two of them are twin baby boys. Yet, I was so impressed and inspired by Mick and Mark’s incredible team work as parents, the loving attention of Mark’s parents (the kids’ grandparents), the fun-loving spirit of Evy and Levi, the adventuresome nature of the whole family, and also Mick’s sacrifice, passion and dedication to tandem nursing her twins (a true mom boss).

It was very tough to narrow down their Session to this amount of highlights! There were so many sweet moments, and cute candids unfolding in front of me. I truly walked away feeling encouraged in my heart, inspired as a mother, and having gained new friends.