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The Schulte Family | Real Life Session '17

A while back, I had the honor of documenting the everyday, real life of the Schulte family. I can tell you confidently, after only a few hours of being a fly on the wall, it is definitely no walk in the park to have four kids under four, especially when two of them are twin baby boys. Yet, I walked away so impressed and inspired by what I witnessed!

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The Goebel Family | Real Life Session '15

Tomorrow, Emmalin turns one! To celebrate Adam and Melissa's first year of parenting, I wanted to share a few photo highlights of their family that I believe embody their genuine love for each other. Emmalin was 10 months old in these photos, and her cute expressions and content, easygoing personality are simply adorable. Even their dogs, Niko and Finly made an appearance!

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The Staniger Family | Real Life Session '15

The Stanigers are close, personal friends of ours; we go way back to the college days. Charlie and Amanda are so important in our lives! Chad and I like to think of ourselves as wannabe Aunt and Uncle to their two adorable daughters, and babysitting them used to be one of my favorite things to do. In fact, moving away from these sweet people was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. When we get the chance to see them in-person, we soak in every moment! These are some of the most genuinely REAL family photos I've ever taken. I hope you enjoy the highlights!

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The Grafenauer Family | Real Life Session '15

This is the story of a young family of five. It's a family that loves well, plays hard and works together. James, Olivia and Amelia get along so well together, but they're not afraid to do their own thing, either. I've never met a set of parents with more patience and tender care than Andy and Kim! I think you'll love the everyday moments captured in this documentary, Real Life Session.

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The Livingood Family | Real Life Session '15

Blake and Jessica welcomed little Sullivan to their family on January 12th. A few weeks ago, I got to be a fly on the wall to witness and document their family's typical Sunday morning routine. 4-month-old smiles and dimples have never been this cute... What an adorable little family! There was so much I appreciated about this documentary Real Life Session. The genuine integrity of this couple, their intentionally grounded family values, and their deep love for one another were so evident. I think you'll love this story & image highlights...

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Mimi and Charlie | Real Life Session in Raleigh

Anytime I have a chance to document motherhood, it's a true joy. This Mini Session with Mimi and her sweet little Charlie was certainly one of those opportunities. Mimi told me that she and her son had never had professional portraits together before, but that she loved the documentary style of capturing their "real life" together, so this Real Life Session with us was ideal! 

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The Tharp Family | Real Life Session

Our 7-year friendship with this family has spanned the country from Wisconsin to the Carolinas. The Tharps inspire us in quite a number of ways, so when the opportunity came up to document the current season of their everyday family life, I jumped on it! This Real Life Session documents their family interactions, activities and everyday routines, as well as the tag-team preparations of their 15-acre property for the opening of Bright Side Youth Ranch, their nonprofit ministry.

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The Quelette Family | Real Life Session

Darren and Kelly became first-time parents in January when little Eliza Rain made her entrance into this world and into their family. She's gotta be the most adorable addition ever! As you can imagine, the Quelettes' daily routines have been quite different in the last three months, but they're loving their new season of life. ...And they're quite good at it, too!

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The McLeod Family | Real Life Session

Greg and Trudy truly are amazing parents. I've had the pleasure of getting to know them at church a little bit through volunteering together, but after spending an entire day as an extra member of their family, I have even deeper respect for them! Gabby (8 years old), Riley (6 years old), and Gracyn (4 years old) are three of the luckiest daughters I've met! This Real Life Full Day Session shows their family's story—from wake-up until bedtime routine—it its most genuine way. Check out these beautiful highlights...

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Our niece is one today!

Last year on this day, we became an Aunt and Uncle! My sister, Kendra, had little Adriana Leigh who weighed in at 3 pounds 15 ounces and measured 17.5 inches long. She had the tiniest little body I've ever seen, but she was a little fighter. Today, she turned one! She's so strong and has the cutest little personality. Here are a few photos from Christmas when I last saw her in person. It was one of the most memorable, special family visits!

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Our newest niece: Ava Gaile

This year, Chad and I got the chance to do some traveling to see our families in various states. In December, we got to meet our very first niece on Chad's side of the family! Little Ava Gaile was 14 days old and so adorable. It was so special to watch Kyle (Chad's brother) and Kelly be parents for the first time.

Here are some of our favorite images from our time with them...

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Uncle Chad and Aunt Amber!

As of February 11, Chad and I have a niece! My sister Kendra and CJ were proud to welcome Adriana Leigh at 12:57pm, EST. We are very excited to start the spoiling as Aunt and Uncle. Monday, we got to meet the 7-day-old "Andi" at the hospital where she was born in Michigan. SHE'S SO TINY!!! Yes, I know she's a newborn, but really—she was only 3 lbs. 15 oz. when she was born. At 17.5 inches long, she's a little skinny mini!

Kendra did such a great job during labor and CJ was (and still is!) incredibly supportive. Kendra was discharged from the hospital the next day (she was up walking around right after giving birth!), but Andi had to spend some extra time in the Intensive Care nursery so she could gain her strength and put a little meat on her bones :) She's a little fighter and improved quickly. We found out that she got to come home yesterday (at nine days old)! She's up just over 4 lbs today—go, baby, go!

Being the proud aunt / photographer big sister that I am, of course I took some photos of Adriana and Kendra at the hospital. She's precious! And, with a little creative swaddling & Photoshop help, we were even able to hide her monitor cords in some of these. 

I'm in love with this week-old-sweetheart and these photo highlights...

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