Uncle Chad and Aunt Amber!

Written by Amber -

As of February 11, Chad and I have a niece! My sister Kendra and CJ were proud to welcome Adriana Leigh at 12:57pm, EST. We are very excited to start the spoiling as Aunt and Uncle. Monday, we got to meet the 7-day-old "Andi" at the hospital where she was born in Michigan. SHE'S SO TINY!!! Yes, I know she's a newborn, but really—she was only 3 lbs. 15 oz. when she was born. At 17.5 inches long, she's a little skinny mini!

Kendra did such a great job during labor and CJ was (and still is!) incredibly supportive. Kendra was discharged from the hospital the next day (she was up walking around right after giving birth!), but Andi had to spend some extra time in the Intensive Care nursery so she could gain her strength and put a little meat on her bones :) She's a little fighter and improved quickly. We found out that she got to come home yesterday (at nine days old)! She's up just over 4 lbs today—go, baby, go!

Being the proud aunt / photographer big sister that I am, of course I took some photos of Adriana and Kendra at the hospital. She's precious! And, with a little creative swaddling & Photoshop help, we were even able to hide her monitor cords in some of these. 

I'm in love with this week-old-sweetheart and these photo highlights...

Above, I'm pictured there with Kendra and Adriana in the top left (thanks, Chad!). Below that is our other sister—now known as Aunt Heidi, and to the right is the first "three generations photo" with our Mom. Because Chad and I came into town when we could, our schedules didn't line up with everyone, so unfortunately I wasn't able to get CJ in any of these while I was home—next time! AND, the next time I see Adriana, she'll be much stronger and I'll get to hold her... I seriously can't wait. 

If you're interested, there are SO many more photos! View the full gallery here »