The Goebel Family | Real Life Session '15

We've been friends with Adam and Melissa for a while now. Their daughter, Emmalin Mae, was born the same week we moved to North Carolina, so getting a chance to see them a couple of months ago was quite the treat for us! I couldn't help but capture some sweet, documentary images of their family, doing what they do on a typical day while we visited in July. 

Adam and Melissa are such great parents! They have rearranged their lives for her sake, to raise her up in a loving, engaged family setting where she is fully provided for. When we saw them interacting so naturally with their precious new daughter, it warmed our hearts. Emmalin is one lucky little girl!

And speaking of Emmalin, she is so smiley! Every time I came nearby, she flashed a cute little expression or cheesing smile my way, usually coupled with a 10-month-old giggle. She's one of the most content, easygoing kids I've ever met. The only time she fussed was when Melissa tried to put her down for a nap—she didn't want to miss out on the action! Niko and Finly, the family dogs, are attentive to everything she does, too. 

Tomorrow, Emmalin turns one! To celebrate Adam and Melissa's first year of parenting, I wanted to share a few photo highlights of their family that I believe embody their genuine love for each other.