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Words that Empower ••• Pre-sure Under Pressure

I stood, staring in the mirror at my puffy, swollen eyelids a couple days ago on the morning of my 33rd birthday. I had been crying the night before because in the chaos of spinning too many plates without a break, a whole bunch of unrelated emotions caught up with me all at once and I felt crushed by the heavy weight of their pressure. Ever been there? I'm hoping these three thoughts on WORDS empower you the same way they did me, rocking you out of your "feelings funk."

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3 reasons I took a break from blogging

I had been in the habit of blogging about 3 times a week. Toward the end of last year, that began to taper down to about once a week, and now it has been about 7 months since my last post. I’m not even upset about it. Why? I’m SO excited to share with you all, actually. There were three pretty big reasons I took a break from blogging, and it has been one of the most transitional, challenging and refreshing times of my entire life. I’ve been posting daily on Instagram (@amberlanghoff), but it’s about time I filled you in here…

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What a June that was!

This past month was one of the most exhausting months we've ever experienced, but one of the most meaningful, as well. Our last 28 days have held visits to 7 states for both business and pleasure. (That included 8 planes, 7 cars, a smattering of shuttle buses, and 10 different places to lay our heads at night.) Each trip was very special to us for different reasons! Although our bodies are tired and our suitcase is worn out, our hearts are SO full. What a blessing this month has been!

Here are some photo highlights from June...

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Celebrating 4 years of Langhoff Creative

Langhoff Creative, established October 2010.

We're not exactly sure how it's possible we've been running Langhoff Creative for FOUR YEARS... God granted us this business, and He has never ceased to amaze us or provide for us along the way. All glory is HIS!

Chad and I are blown away when we think about all we've learned, all that has been accomplished, the improvements we've made, and all of the AMAZING people we've had the privilege of partnering with. We owe a huge thank you to each and every one of you who has had a hand in the growth of our business—whether by hiring us, engaging with us on social media, passing our name along to your friends, encouraging us, or praying for us.

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Langhoff Creative has never looked better

We're SO excited to announce that we have a fresh, new look for our brand!

As we plan to move our business from southeastern Wisconsin to Raleigh, North Carolina next month (details on that move here), the timing seemed perfect for us to really think through our product/service offering, business plan, and our general vision for Langhoff Creative.

These last four years of running our own business have been quite the wild [exciting] ride and we have learned so much—about our own personalities, the types of clients we attract, our true passions, and the ways we prefer prioritizing our time. Mix those lessons with the dreams we have for our future in NC, and you've got Langhoff Creative 2.0!

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We're embarking on a new adventure

If you've known me or Chad for any length of time, you probably know that we are not people who are willing to settle for the comfort zone. We're constantly trying to think outside the box as we keep our eyes peeled for the next adventure God has in mind for us. Every year we set aside time to dream about the future, set goals and then put a plan in place to reach them. This year, as we've been wrestling with the "What's next for us" question, we know God has called us to something big.

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Carnival rides led to love | A Kenosha Engagement Session

Nick and Angela have one of the most adorable relationship stories. It is one of laughter, long walks together and carnival rides, but they admit they have definitely put in a fair amount of work to make it the long lasting relationship it is today. Chad and I enjoyed getting to know these two as we did their Engagement Session this past winter. (Plus, you'd never guess how C-O-L-D it was during this shoot...they were such troopers!) We think their images turned out to be beautiful. 

As you read their story, I hope you enjoy these Session highlights...

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