Documentary Family Photography by Amber Langhoff

It's a brand new, re-focused, refreshed Langhoff Creative—complete with a fancy new website to reflect it! •

Like any artist, my inspiration comes from many places, my view of the world around me shifts, and the expression of my creativity is always in transition. Factor in life changes—the addition of a house, a child, and a new job opportunity for my husband—and it's not surprising that I am changing things up a bit with my business.

In this season of my life as a new mom (can I still call it "new" if my baby is ONE already?? 😭), shooting weddings with my husband every weekend isn't ideal anymore. And although I still believe that some seasons of life lend themselves well to having portraits made, creating pretty pictures was beginning to lack luster for me, personally. The "Real Life Sessions" (documentary family photography) I've been offering lately have had incredible response and shooting them has brought me so much joy! (I will be talking more about why that is in the coming days. 😉)

Meeting so many amazing clients over the years and being invited into your lives has given me a front row seat to witness the most genuine, honest and memorable "real life" scenarios. Documenting your lives has been truly inspirational!

I am so thrilled to finally announce the new focus of my business as a solo "documentary family photographer." Whether that be for couples, maternity, birth, newborn, families of all kinds, seniors, or even special occasions or events, I'm looking forward to them all! They will be relaxed sessions with no posing and no coaxing because real life is beautiful, as-is.

You can check out my documentary approach here or learn about sessions here.