Beyond Excited For a Brand New Langhoff Creative

Can you SEE the excitement written on my face??? Today was a big day for me—my brand spankin' new website went live! I've been working so hard to make serious updates for quite some time—you know, in between moming, wifeing, sleeping and other role-related, time-consuming [yet beautiful 😉 ] tasks.

I am quite pleased with how it came out (which is a big deal for a designer who creates their own site), but moreover, I'm quite proud of the way I pressed through this project, despite challenges along the way. Though I am generally overflowing with positivity for others, I tend to be overly hard on myself.

But being a work-from-home entrepreneur running in one direction, married to a sometimes-work-from-home-sometimes-work-offsite entrepreneurial husband running in another direction, with a one-year-old son literally running in all directions is not easy.

Through this website/brand relaunch I've learned to give myself more grace than I initially think is necessary. I've learned to slow down and reprioritize my tasks every day. I've learned to maximize my son's nap times. I've learned to lean on the people God has surrounded me with.

Much of what I'm rolling out for Langhoff Creative is brand new. I had the opportunity to share it with some expectant mothers at a "Meet the Photographers" event tonight & I'm excited to share it with you here in the coming days.

Go ahead—explore the brand new & let me know what you think!