Our new website is LIVE!

Woohoo! A new version of LanghoffCreative.com is officially LIVE, as of yesterday. Have you had a chance to explore & check it out? Since the beginning (in 2010), we have proudly used Squarespace to build our website. Our background in graphic design & web design is certainly a bonus for us in customizing the layouts and styles to look exactly how we want it to look. Here's what we love about this round of updates:

  • Fresh, new look featuring BIG views of some of our favorite images
  • New navigation with clear breakdowns of our information
  • An About Us page with even more juicy details and photos about Chad and I
  • Some pricing & offering updates for our Weddings and Senior Sessions
  • "Products" pages that show various ways you can display your images (as add-ons)
  • Two new offerings: College & University Senior Sessions and Bridal Sessions!
  • A new blog layout that shows snippets of our stories a little differently + big views

Perhaps one of the biggest, non-design-related updates is our title. You'll see us using "Documentary Photographers" when we refer to ourselves now. We've noticed that our style and nature of work over the last four years has developed from "portrait photographers" into a more journalistic, candid style that documents life events. In fact, just like when we first began, we still have absolutely no desire to own a portrait studio. We are observers when we work. We anticipate moments and details, artfully capturing them in ways that evoke emotional responses.

In the past, we have often featured images that are very "pretty" but from here on out, we want to shift our focus a bit to "beauty" in images, no matter how "pretty" they may be. Often, Pretty implies perfection and a posed, highly retouched quality. Beauty is about the raw, flawed, natural qualities. Although we won't shy away from "pretty" things or "pretty" people, and we will certainly continue guiding our clients into natural motions during Sessions, we most enjoy and value the candid moments that naturally unfold in circumstances. You know—those little side moments and expressions that are unique to you; the ones that aren't already pinned on Pinterest because they are your moments.

The best news? This is only the first phase of our updates. A second phase of updates for Langhoff Creative are still in the works, regarding our Session offering. We can't wait to share what's coming soon!