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3 reasons I took a break from blogging

I had been in the habit of blogging about 3 times a week. Toward the end of last year, that began to taper down to about once a week, and now it has been about 7 months since my last post. I’m not even upset about it. Why? I’m SO excited to share with you all, actually. There were three pretty big reasons I took a break from blogging, and it has been one of the most transitional, challenging and refreshing times of my entire life. I’ve been posting daily on Instagram (@amberlanghoff), but it’s about time I filled you in here…

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Passionately Pursuing Our Craft

"Don't worry, we're professionals," goes the joke which is usually followed by some kind of ironic foreshadowing to a job gone wrong. It seems anyone with a nice camera is a "professional photographer" these days. Yes, Chad and I have been full-time "professional photographers" since 2010, but that's not a phrase we take lightly. 

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Now booking for spring

Are you thinking spring? We're now booking March, April and May Real Life Sessions. Each passing day is filled with little, seemingly mundane moments that are fleeting and irreplaceable. We love capturing sweet, everyday family life in a photojournalistic, documentary style. See details on this experience with us for Full Day Stories, Half Day Stories or Short Stories (1hr).

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Celebrating 4 years of Langhoff Creative

Langhoff Creative, established October 2010.

We're not exactly sure how it's possible we've been running Langhoff Creative for FOUR YEARS... God granted us this business, and He has never ceased to amaze us or provide for us along the way. All glory is HIS!

Chad and I are blown away when we think about all we've learned, all that has been accomplished, the improvements we've made, and all of the AMAZING people we've had the privilege of partnering with. We owe a huge thank you to each and every one of you who has had a hand in the growth of our business—whether by hiring us, engaging with us on social media, passing our name along to your friends, encouraging us, or praying for us.

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Langhoff Creative has never looked better

We're SO excited to announce that we have a fresh, new look for our brand!

As we plan to move our business from southeastern Wisconsin to Raleigh, North Carolina next month (details on that move here), the timing seemed perfect for us to really think through our product/service offering, business plan, and our general vision for Langhoff Creative.

These last four years of running our own business have been quite the wild [exciting] ride and we have learned so much—about our own personalities, the types of clients we attract, our true passions, and the ways we prefer prioritizing our time. Mix those lessons with the dreams we have for our future in NC, and you've got Langhoff Creative 2.0!

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Making God Your Boss | a five-minute talk

You may have seen our previous post about being at the CONNECT Retreat in Georgia a couple weeks ago. It was CONNECT Retreat's second year in existence, and Chad and I were thrilled to be there again. It's a marriage retreat for couples in photography business together, but ends up being so much more than that. Yes, we get to rub shoulders with industry leaders and gain inspiration from others in our field, but It has truly become a community for Jesus-loving, like-minded people in business around the world and a space to share advice and experiences with each other on a personal level.

This year, one session of the Retreat was for five couples (who attended last year) to share—in five minutes—the one thing that impacts their life / marriage / business the most. Chad and I were humbled and honored to be selected. We got to use this opportunity to share about our intentional, daily focus on listening prayer and its effect on our lives. We've chosen to make God the "boss" of our business—and lives—and so we spoke on that very topic. 

Since giving that talk, we've received quite a bit of positive feedback about the topic and have had follow-up conversations with others who have called this "life-changing," so we thought sharing the information here on our blog might be beneficial for others, too.

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How to work together without killing each other

Chad and I work full time together in the office of our small, one bedroom apartment. All day. Most days. And we're still happily married. Ha! We've had plenty of friends tell us they could never successfully accomplish this with their spouse. We agree—it's certainly not for everyone! It hasn't always been easy for us, either, but after a few rough months in the beginning, we collaborated to set safe boundaries and "house rules" that help us thrive in the space we have—without killing each other. 

Setting boundaries: 

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Langhoff Creative | Celebrating 3 years

October 4 is one of our favorite days of the year. It marks the first day of the existence of our business three years ago; a milestone that will forever be important to us both. It's a day that reminds us that dreams can come true, that taking risks can bring rewards, and that God is faithful when we obey His call in our lives. October 4 brings us into an attitude of celebration for all the lessons we have learned, all the people we have met, all of the projects that have been completed and all of the photographs that have been taken—through God's power at work within us. We're not all that important or skilled or intelligent, but God has somehow used us anyway. We're so grateful!

I want to share this 'thank you' and little encouragement with you... 

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smile search 2011
Chu Orthodontics in Racine, WI is in the business of making beautiful smiles. Dr. Gary W. Chu and the whole "Chu Crew" hosted a special event called, "Smile Search 2011". It's purpose was to promote the importance and intrinsic value of showing a great smile. They asked their patients and friends to submit photos to their contest website that presented their best smiles. The entries were then voted on by the public. The top eleven entrants were featured in the 2012 Chu Crew Calendar.

I was honored to shoot the personal photo sessions for each of the winners as well as design the calendar that featured them. Here are some of the behind-the-scenes details and photos, as well as the final 2012 calendar portraits.

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