Real Life is Beautiful As-Is

Genuine, candid images transform simple, ordinary moments into forever memories to be cherished.

I'd love to artfully capture your family's current season with a Real Life Session of documentary photos.

Leave your matching outfits in the closet; your vintage couch isn't going in any field. You don't need to be "good in front of the camera" for this type of session. Your house doesn't need to be spotless and your kids don't need to act like perfect angels... The more "everyday," the better!

A few "say cheese" group shots can be taken, but this will primarily be a relaxed, spontaneous type of session in which documentary / journalistic photos are the purpose. I promise it won't be awkward! I'll just be joining your family for the day, hanging out with you, doing what you do—you'll probably forget I even have cameras on me.

Check out details on Real Life Sessions here.