The Quelette Family | Real Life Session

Darren and Kelly became first-time parents in January when little Eliza Rain made her entrance into this world and into their family. She's gotta be the most adorable addition ever! As you can imagine, the Quelettes' daily routines have been quite different in the last three months, but they're loving their new season of life. ...And they're quite good at it, too!

It was really neat for me to witness Darren and Kelly as parents to Eliza in their new house for this Real Life Session. They work together as a team, take turns feeding and holding their mild-mannered daughter, spend ample time cooing and playing with her, and even share household chores while the other is on "baby duty." The adoring expressions and dimpled grins they give Eliza and the adoring things they say to her are so ever so sweet. I hope that these images capture their love so that one day Eliza will grow up knowing how her parents felt about her, even as a baby.

The hardest part about this Session was narrowing down the Highlights to feature! There wasn't a single thing I instructed them to do, not a single posed moment or rearranged room layout the whole time I was there. This is an honest, genuine documentation of the Quelette family's current season of life; a snippet of their "day in the life" experience these days.

This Session boiled down to nap time, feeding time, diaper changing, bath time, tummy time, play time and dinner time. One of my favorite images was Eliza on her Dad's lap watching intently as her Mom cooked dinner in the kitchen. While I do appreciate it for the composition and beautiful light falling in, I know that those are the type of images with memories tied to them.

If you're interested in documentary family photography like this, you can check out my Real Life Session page.) I hope you enjoy some of the highlights from this Real Life Session.