The Livingood Family | Real Life Session '15

Blake and Jessica welcomed little Sullivan to their family on January 12th. A few weeks ago, I got to be a fly on the wall to witness and document their family's typical Sunday morning routine. 4-month-old smiles and dimples have never been this cute... What an adorable little family!

There was so much I appreciated about this documentary Real Life Session. The genuine integrity of this couple, their intentionally grounded family values, and their deep love for one another were so evident. They love the Lord and they love their chiropractic business/ministry and they love life. They fully embrace whatever comes their way and aren't swayed by mainstream popular opinions. I also appreciated their minimalist approach to what they "need" and their generous, compassionate nature.

Every Sunday morning starts with smiles just like these. It's no secret that Sullivan loves his parents and that they love him. He laughed and cooed as his daddy played with him and he smiled with squinty eyes as his mommy chatted with him, kissed him and affirmed his identity & who he'd grow up becoming. They made a healthy, organic breakfast together, hung out at home, got ready for the day and even went for a walk together before heading to church. Blake and Jessica were one of the core families who started and launched the Elevation Church, RDU Campus (currently meeting at Daniels Middle School in Raleigh). They play an integral role there and have kept their attendance & involvement there on Sundays and throughout the week a top priority in their lives. They are thrilled to raise Sullivan as a part of that church community and to be a part of it, themselves. Elevation RDU is our church home, too, and I know it wouldn't be the same without the Livingoods!

I hope you enjoy these image highlights from their recent Real Life Session, short story. I just can't get enough...

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