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Elias's Birth Story, 2016: Our Plan B was still beautiful

We've got around 50 days to go before we get to meet our Baby #2, and it has me feeling all kinds of nostalgia. I realized today that I never actually featured Elias's birth story publicly, even though we had an amazing birth photographer. At the last minute, we had to use our 'Plan B' birth plan, and it disappointed me to the degree that even the images brought back sour feelings. But, Elias's birth was still incredibly beautiful, so today, I’d like to be vulnerable and honest enough to share his birth story, along with some tasteful image highlights.

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Why We Don't Exchange Valentine's Day Gifts

My husband and I don't give each other Valentine's Day gifts. WAIT—before you make a quick judgment, it's probably not the reason you think it is... We don't hate the holiday, we're not making a point, and we're not just trying to save money. It's also not because we're cold or heartless. Read on to learn what we've discovered about each other over the years that has strengthened our love for one another.

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Choosing to Love Through Ten Years of Marriage

Later this week, Chad and I will have been married ten years. How is it possible that all those years have passed so quickly? Then, at the same time, it feels like we have always been together; it’s so normal and natural and right. We have squeezed in SO many adventures, so many highlights and also lots of challenges. “Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice," and more on our daily decisions to fight for each other and not against...

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My Most Challenging Aspect of Becoming a Parent

Becoming a parent is certainly—by far—the most challenging transition I’ve ever experienced, and simultaneously the most beautiful and rewarding. Everything about becoming a first-time parent is hard. But, if I’m honest, the most challenging aspect I experienced personally was the unsolicited advice I received from others. In today's blog post I'm sharing a perspective that will hopefully encourage any other new parents who are experiencing the same challenge.

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Chatbooks rock and here's why

I love seeing our son get excited about printed photos of us together. Even as a photographer, I am terrible about getting photos printed, though. For that very reason, Chatbooks rocks! It's a simple, no-brainer approach to having current photo albums in our house. (This post includes a freebie link, too!)

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Reminder: Embrace your own life

Sounds easy, right? ...But yet we're still scrolling, glued to the highlight reels of everyone in our feeds. Maybe the real question is, "While you are sitting there, worried about what everyone else is doing, what potential highlights in your own life are you missing out on creating?" More thoughts on this are in this post.

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