Everyday Langhoff Life: The Current Chapter, as of 11/18/17

At least once or twice a year, Chad and I—even as professional photographers ourselves!—hire a photographer to document the current season of our daily lives. Why, you ask? Yesterday I blogged the four specific reasons we do that here if you're interested.

Last month, we had our Documentary Family Photographer come out to our house and capture our everyday life—giggles, fits, play time, work time, neighborhood walk and all. It's impossible that you will appreciate or enjoy these images as much as we do, but perhaps they'll give you something to smile about and give you a glimpse into our world. ...You'll even catch a sneak peek of my growing baby bump... :)

HUGE thanks to our amazing friend and our Professional Family Photographer, Mick Schulte for these awesome shots of our family in action on a normal day. They're so accurate and sweet! We'll treasure them always.

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