Reminder: Embrace your own life


Sounds easy, right? ...But yet we're still scrolling, glued to the highlight reels of everyone in our feeds.

Maybe the real question is, "While you are sitting there, worried about what everyone else is doing, what potential highlights in your own life are you missing out on creating?"

The comparison trap is so easy to fall into—especially on social media. I know, because I've been there ( already today). As we all know, it's an unhealthy, slippery slope that only ends in jealousy and self-abuse.

Today I began scrolling through my own personal photos in my phone (selfies and all), just to remind myself that I've had highlights that have never been publicly posted and that don't always hang around in my short-term memory. Why do we so often focus on the highlights of others, but the discouraging areas of our own lives?

Lately I've been learning to embrace a slower pace. I'm in "catch up" mode in most areas of my life, but today I'm okay with it. Because really, perpetual "catch up" simply implies that I've placed an unhealthy expectation over myself that I'm holding myself to—whether motivated by myself or my perceived expectations from others.

My pace and level of productivity may be slower than in the past, but I'm also living more enjoyable moments in the present that I have no regrets for.

Today I'm choosing to see my life as beautiful—flaws and all. 

I certainly hope you'll do the same. ...And for goodness sake, put your phone down for a while and LIVE! 🙈😜