Are you grateful for your tribe?


The human connection is a powerful thing. I've been extra aware of this in the last couple weeks...

I'm coming off of an extended time with friends in St. Louis that directly fed my soul. Right now I have one of my sisters and her boyfriend in town from Michigan which has been so enjoyable. We've got a roommate in our house who is constantly improving my quality of life and keeping me encouraged. We are in the midst of launching a new church campus and I'm feeling refreshed by all the new people I'm meeting. Every day I'm looking at my growing little boy and dedicated husband, wondering how I got so lucky.

We certainly were not designed to live life alone. I'm grateful for my tribe—near and far and new.

Self Exam:
When you look at the people surrounding you in life right now, do you feel connected? Would you be proud to become more like them? Do you feel loved and motivated when you're with them? Does something need to change?