The Launch of Elevation Morrisville

Months of planning

We've spent months planning as a team and months on our knees praying for God's guidance and wisdom to follow His lead as we launch a second campus for our church here in the RDU area (the 16th campus in total, though!).

The details have been prepped and our volunteer teams are ready to create a distraction-free, safe, Holy Spirit-led atmosphere for our two Elevation Church worship experiences this weekend. We genuinely believe God is up to something HUGE in the RDU area and I hope you'll choose to be part of it.


New volunteer roles

As we've prepared to launch the Elevation Church Morrisville location, many of us have had a change in our volunteer roles and responsibilities—myself included.

For the first time in three years, Chad is coordinating the photography team without me by his side—and you won't be surprised to hear that he is rocking it. I'm so proud of the way he is leading and teaching others, both in craft and lifestyle. This ministry is better because of him and the entire Elevation RDU photography team! It was an honor to serve with you all—photo fam forever! Come visit me in the eKidz rooms 😉😉

Yes, that's right—eKidz! The eKidz Quest team is my new family and I'm already so proud of them! I never really thought I'd ever be volunteering in the kids program of any church, but here I am... I trust my leaders and I trust the Lord—they are pulling strengths out of me that I didn't even know I had. I've been shadowing the last several weeks to learn everything I can in preparation for this weekend's official launch.

Now my mind is filled with so much anticipation... With only one practice run under our belts in our brand new location, Sunday will include a flurry of organized chaos, but also learning experiences, and most excitingly—an opportunity to connect with kids and their parents. I CAN'T WAIT!!!

If you're local, come join us at Elevation Morrisville (117 International Drive, Morrisville NC) for our first Sunday morning at 9:30a or 11:30a on September 10th! Your kids will LOVE their experience, too—and if you've got a 3, 4, or 5-yr-old, I'll get to be their buddy 😉😉

If you don't yet have a church home (or even if you do!), come check it out. Just come see what it's like, just once... 😉