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A declaration of our dedication

Today was extra special for our family. Together with several other families from church and their children, we dedicated our son, Elias, to the Lord. I will deeply cherish these images from the event that commemorate the day we made a promise to Elias as his parents and declared words of affirmation over him. We decided to share the letter we wrote to him as a public declaration.

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EUM – Young Adults Ministry

We are so excited to be a part of the Young Adults Ministry movement at Evangelical United Methodist Church (EUM). God truly breathed life into this new ministry with an amazing staff leader—Mitch Buenger—and some amazing Young Adult volunteers. It has been really cool to work with Mitch and EUM to create an identity for this ministry from the ground up.

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EUM Church – Youth Fundraiser Redesign

Our church has a wonderful youth ministry that is lead by amazing leaders. We had the honor to partner with them to help give a new look to a great tradition at Evangelical United Methodist Church (EUM). ​In the past, EUM's Dessert Derby was held after church and was crammed into a 2 hour event with dinner, bid items and youth stories. Well, EUM started to grow, rapidly and the staff at EUM had to make a decision that instead of two services on Sunday there would be three. With the new Sunday schedule, Dessert Derby need to find a new time and even a new date.

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St. Mark United Methodist Church – Website Redesign

Amber and I had the honor and the privilege to work with an amazing church from Alabama on their website. St. Mark United Methodist Church (SMUMC) is a growing church that has a heart full of love for their members, community and for the people around the world. We were able to connect with SMUMC through a fantastic couple—Jacob and Ashlee Tucker—that we met at Passion earlier this year in Atlanta. They asked us to help them out with their church's website once they found out that we that we specialize in design for churches, ministries and small businesses. With some great phone conversation and a weekend spent together, all four of us were ready for the creative process.

A couple of days ago, SMUMC went live with their brand new website at

Read all about the creative process and take a look at the final product....​

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