EUM Church – Youth Fundraiser Redesign

Written by Chad -

Our church has a wonderful youth ministry that is lead by amazing leaders. We had the honor to partner with them to help give a new look to a great tradition at Evangelical United Methodist Church (EUM). In the past, EUM's Dessert Derby was held after church and was crammed into a 2-hour event with dinner, silent auction items and youth stories. Well, EUM started to grow rapidly and the staff at EUM made the decision to add a third service on Sunday mornings. With the new Sunday schedule, Dessert Derby needed to find a new time and even a new date.

The Dessert Derby Leadership Team put their heads together and came up with a great idea. Instead of trying to fit everything into a Sunday afternoon, the Leadership Team constructed an elegant Saturday night date night for the Dessert Derby. Amber and I had the opportunity to help them bring the elegant night alive with a new look and feel. We hit the drawing boards to create a retro-modern design with bold colors. Below you will see a slue of materials—invitation, save the date, reply card, poster, website, Facebook page, bulletin inserts and other support material—that we put together to make the night a custom, "packaged" experience.


With fancy drinks, fun h'orderves, a whole room of silent auction items, family style dinner served by students of the youth ministry and gourmet desserts made by men of the church (which were also bid upon), the 12th annual Dessert Derby went off without a hitch. It was a definitely a hit and everyone enjoyed the updated experience! A live auctioneer brought a special flair to the event, too. We are privileged to be part of a church family that loves students so much.... Many faithful members open up their wallets to help support the youth at EUM at this event every year (and to eat delicious desserts together), but the students can feel their love beyond that the entire year.

It was recently announced that the youth raised about $39,000 during the event for the 2013-2014 year! The students decide to give 10% back to missions as a tithe, and the rest of the funds help students go on mission trips, summer camps & retreats, and help fund the ministry in many other ways. Amber and I wanted to share this story not to show off our design work, but to brag on God a bit—to show you how awesome it is to be part of the body of Christ when it takes care of the next generation.