Your Current Season is Slipping Away


Every mom has been there... You know, those frustrating moments in the rush of the morning when your little ones are quite literally stepping on your toes and reaching for things you are trying to accomplish—including hot food on the stovetop. There's usually a whimper or an incessant whine in their little voice and it has a way of getting under your skin when you're trying to beat the clock.

But yet, when you take a step back, isn't it beautiful? They depend on you so much and want to be so close...... And tomorrow they'll be teenagers (maybe they already are!). Little kids don't keep. Regardless of how long the days may feel, your current role as "mother" won't keep either.

This very reason is why capturing the genuine "real life" of families is my passion. Documentary Family Photography is the best way to preserve your current season in all it's chaotic, messy, momentary, BEAUTIFUL glory. No posing, no coaxing—just the unplanned, spontaneity of life as it unfolds.

When your kids grow old, the images they have of these early seasons will be so important to them. They won't notice your hair out of place, the dirty dishes or the fact that you may have more pudge than you'd like—all they'll care about is that their loving, caring, involved mom was part of their life. Moms & dads, get in those pictures with your kids!

My 2-hour Real Life Sessions are only $99, with the option to purchase images and Storybook Albums after your Session. Let's get something on the calendar before your current season slips away.

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