On embracing and documenting the present moment


Time flies, so squeeze the ones you love a little tighter, sing a little louder in the shower, spend a few extra minutes playing with your kids, call that friend you haven't spoken to in a while, take the longer route, wave nicely to people in traffic, smile at yourself in the mirror, give extra grace to those you encounter (you never know what their present moment feels like).

And, by all means, don't forget to D O C U M E N T even the simplest things! The present quickly becomes the past, and every passing moment contains beauty when we stop to notice it. Noticing beauty in the everyday causes us to be grateful—and documenting beauty in the everyday causes us to remember it, cherish it, and pass it on.

I may be a couple months behind in posting my own personal images of everyday moments (on IG @amberlanghoff), but I'm SO glad that I've still been photographing every day. Going through images from even TWO MONTHS ago has nearly brought tears to my eyes... It's so easy to forget the little "mundane" moments like sweet snuggles, joyful giggles, little fingers and curls that are growing daily, spontaneous silly moments that don't make the calendar or even the words of journal entries, the toddler tantrum in the grocery aisle because we had to stop the cart to put food in it.....allll of it. I don't want to forget a single moment!

I'm betting that someone reading this (tired moms, where you at??) wishes they could document their life more regularly. I'd love to help with that, you know... 😉😉

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