candlelit anniversary

This post is pretty late... we have been SO busy over the last couple months!! I can't believe our last published adventure was from Christmas (embarrasing). Well, here's one that is certainly note-worthy: On February 2, 2010 we celebrated our second wedding anniversary!


Neither of us have ever really put much time & energy into milestones or holidays (and with absolutely no hard's mutual). We're not big gift-givers to each other either. In the midst of our recent busyness [craziness], we decided we needed a low-key night to spend time with each other, so didn't plan anything. Nothing more about the evening was discussed.

When I got home on that Tuesday evening from work, I was delightfully surprised by an apartment full of lit candles - everywhere! Chad was all dressed up in a shirt & tie and was cooking the most amazing spaghetti dinner. My favorite Michael Bublé playlist was on and there were beautiful flowers decorating the set table. Chad smiled and said, "Well, you look a little underdressed for dinner...why don't you go upstairs and put on a nice dress to join me." I giggled and did just that.

We enjoyed a wonderful fancy dinner in our own house, shared conversation about the day, reminisced the last couple years and even danced. It was time for my surprise - I had a photo collage printed of our wedding vows mixed with photos from the proposal & wedding. I framed it to match the photos hanging in our bedroom and wrapped it up for Chad to open. After dinner, we changed into sweats and watched college basketball on tv. What more could you ask for?

God has truly blessed our marriage. Like any couple, we have our good days and bad days, but we work hard at learning to love each other better every day. We are best friends! The last two years have been wonderful and we are thrilled about the lifetime of adventures ahead of us.