new love: canvas prints

The month of May was absolutely crazy... My husband and I were moving (yuck). Every available weekend & evening was consumed by packing, condensing, moving, unpacking, cleaning and rearranging.

It doesn't even matter how far you move - it's still the same old story - back & forth, back & forth, pack & unpack. We were mentally & physically exhausted. The good news: we're finally settled! I can't wait to get back in the habit of shooting again.

More good news: our new apartment is devoid of all color with its stark white walls, screaming for some fresh décor. Woohoo! I've needed a good excuse like this to inspire me to use my photography. I don't print photos NEARLY enough and I rarely display them at all (sad).

We've got a couple of walls all ready to go for a bunch of large photo prints. I've always wanted to print photos on canvas, too, so I took full advantage of this oppportunity. I chose two images of ice on Lake Michigan that I shot back in February (posted here) to hang in our little dining room. I used to print two 2' x 3' canvases with a 40% off coupon code (Cheers to savings!).

They turned out looking SPECTACULAR! I love the shiny/metallic-like finish on them and the overall colors and quality are great. There is a softness to the finish, but the edges in the prints still appear nice & crisp. It ends up being a really neat effect - especially for subjects of ice & snow! I also love them at this large size - it looks like you could walk right into the scene. This quick snapshot I took a couple nights ago doesn't really do them justice at all...

Encouragement: If you've ever thought about getting canvas prints, don't hesitate any longer. Get them printed! You'll absolutely love the results and they will dramatically change your space. Lots of photo printing websites offer canvas options (Mpix, winkflash, snapfish, etc.). Sign up for their emails and wait for the deals to come your way. Winkflash actually extended their sale on canvas prints: use coupon code CANVAS40 to get 40% off before 6/15/10, so you have no more excuses. If you've never thought about printing on canvas before - reconsider!