it's a jeep thing...


Alright. Confession to anyone who doesn't already know: I am obsessed with Jeep Wranglers. I grew up going to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes (western shore of Michigan near Muskegon) with my family. To this day, that is [hands down] my favorite place on Earth. Spending time there and seeing all the fun the Jeeps had, it became my goal to have one some day.


That joyful day arrived three years ago when I jumped on the opportunity to lease a 2008 Wrangler Sahara. (Love at first sight, of course.) We had SO much fun with it on the dunes—can't even express in words my love of climbing Test Hill, enjoying "the ride", huge mud puddles and sandy drives! Check out this video to see "the ride" I'm talking about (hopefully it doesn't make you dizzy...).

Man...I could go on and on. 4-wheel confidence in the snow and keeping the top off in the summer were the greatest. I'm telling you—road trips, camping trips, beach trips, ANY trips are better in a Wrangler. If I was ever in a bad mood, I would take my Jeep out for a drive to cheer up—wind in my hair, splashing through puddles, snowy open parking lots. Plus, all the other Wrangler drivers wave/nod at you! Haha. It's an understood camaraderie.

No need to drag out the painful reality: we no longer have our Jeep Wrangler. I had to return it on my birthday a few days ago (rough, I know). There were tears leading up to the day. A LOT of them. Not kidding—it was actually a bit ridiculous, really. The lease on it was up and even though we had been planning to buy it out at the end, it just wasn't in the cards. It wouldn't have been a smart financial decision any way we figured it.  :'(

I'm really lucky to have gotten the chance to have fun with my "dream car" for three years of my life. Many won't ever get that opportunity. Although it was really hard for me to finally admit it was time to let go, it has been a healthy reminder that we shouldn't grow too attached to STUFF in this world. At the end of our time here, that's all it is—"stuff". Just insignificant, material possessions.

Chad and I spent a few weeks car shopping for a replacement. To our delightful surprise, we ended up with a budget-friendly, practical 2005 Jeep Liberty that we'll still be able to have a little fun in. I know it's in the same family, but it will still take me a while before I call it a "Jeep" (let's face it—no other Jeep drivers have waved at me on the road since we've owned it). But, I'm sure it will grow on is super nice and I am extremely thankful we're able to own two vehicles.

Let the new motor chapter begin...