10-11-12, the coolest birthday


Today is Chad's 29th birthday, and it happens to fall on one of the coolest days ever, 10-11-12. In honor of the day, and certainly of Chad, I thought I'd brag about him a little. I'm pretty fond of the guy to be honest, so I wrote this list of cool factors (which was pretty hard to narrow down)...


  1. He loves Jesus with everything he's got.
  2. He strives to make a difference in the lives of people around him.
  3. He loves comic books and is proud of it. (Ask him about the art, or Spider-Man, or Stan Lee, or The Avengers....)
  4. He can pack/organize a suitcase, cupboard or trunk of a car like nobody's business.
  5. He isn't afraid to cry or show weakness and is all the more "man" because of it.
  6. He is never satisfied to "settle" on anything... he's always pushing harder.
  7. Exception to #6: He often settles the Island of Catan. (Yay for board games!)
  8. He seems to have an endless flow of creativity. (Crazy inspirational!)
  9. Have you seen the kid's blue eyes? Hello....
  10. He is selfless, putting other people's needs before his own.
  11. He can always make people laugh—even if it means making funny noises.
  12. He is a man of prayer and begins most days on his knees.
  13. He can grill pork chops, burgers or corn on the cob like a master.
  14. He makes road trips and camping trips so much fun!
  15. He leaves me love notes. (I realize this is only cool for me....sorry guys, but it's list-worthy regardless.)
  16. He is a man of his word—he'd never make a promise he won't keep.
  17. He is a great listener and is super encouraging & supportive.
  18. He is a very talented graphic designer. (We hope to show off some of his personal work soon!)
  19. He can carry photo gear and light a portrait like you wouldn't believe ;)
  20. He is obsessed with watching movie trailers and is usually up on what movies are coming out.
  21. He cares more about people than he cares about "stuff".
  22. He treats women with respect.
  23. With permission, he is brutally, openly honest about anything (absolutely no beating around bushes).
  24. He is willing to wash dishes, cook and do laundry. (Again....that one is mostly just cool for me....be jealous.)
  25. He is passionate about giving back and serving.
  26. He is an open book: always eager to share about his life story, his failures and successes.
  27. He has mastered the on/off switch in life, able to separate "task mode" from "relax mode". (He has also made the power-nap a true art form.)
  28. He has a dedicated focus to everything he commits to.
  29. He is very humble, and will probably be embarrassed by this list of cool factors (but deep down, he'll know they are each true).

Happy birthday to my best friend and husband, Chad Langhoff!

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