god is moving


This was my view of the sunrise over Lake Michigan on April 19. Gorgeous, right?

Makes me think... There's a sunrise every morning. We never wonder, "Do you think the sun will come up tomorrow morning? I'm not sure, but I really hope it does!" No, it just happens like clockwork. God orchestrates that, you know. How amazing is that? God is SO faithful. His perfect creation is beautiful and his mercies are new each morning.

Then I got to thinking... What are the mercies I have experienced lately? How has God been moving in my life and in the lives around me? Well, here are a few of the recent highlights that I'm grateful for:

  • College & Young Adults Ministry:
    In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that Chad and I were shifting our area of ministry in our church. We stepped away from serving high school students, and are now fully committed to helping to start the new College & Young Adult groups. It has been SO amazing to see God moving in that group. It's growing like crazy, but what's really exciting is that we're seeing a true hunger for the Lord among the group—people are itching to grow in their faith! There are great friendships being formed. ...Totally feels like we've been together forever! These people are becoming my family away from home. {Love them.}
  • Our community:
    Recently, I stumbled across the opportunity to get to know a couple girls at a coffee shop in town. Long story short, I discovered we actually share a mutual friend who I knew from college. When I told that college friend I had met these girls, she arranged a little reunion/hangout with them at her apartment. WOW—we were incredibly blessed to meet 12ish other young people from our local community who are truly movers and shakers. We spent FOUR HOURS swapping stories about what God is teaching us all lately and encouraged each other in words and in prayer. Unbelievable.
  • Our business:
    The last couple months have been PACKED with opportunity—none of which we can credit to ourselves. As we dedicate Langhoff Design back to God daily, he is faithful to provide for our needs. When connections are made, we do our best to complete the projects with excellence and passion. Recently, we've had solid new clients for graphic design work and have met some wonderful families for event and portrait shoots. We're loving it!

How has God been moving in your life lately? I want to hear about it!