Racine Senior Portraits | Cenia

Written by Amber -

When I met Yecenia, my day was instantly brighter. She is a senior at Case High School (Racine, WI) and is one of the sweetest, most bubbly people I've met. Her smile is contagious and she's got a big heart. You may have seen her being tossed in the air during sporting events with the cheer team or singing with the choir. In the future, you're sure to see her name in lights—quite possibly at Disney World! 

I hope you enjoy these photo highlights from her senior session as you read her story...

Petite, smiley and full of enthusiasm, it is no surprise that Cenia is a cheerleader. "I LOVE to cheer," she gushed. "Its such a thrill to be thrown 10 ft. into the air and twist then be caught by some of my best friends."

"Last year I went to Disney World for New Years to perform at the capital one bowl. It was an amazing experience!" Cenia explained. "I am a HUGE Disney fan and to be there with my team was a dream come true. It was a blessing to go."

"My life has been Cheer and Choir for many years now," Cenia said. "Singing is also such a joy. I grow so much each year in my classes with my wonderful teacher."

I asked Yecenia what advice she would give the underclassmen at her school Without hesitation, she said, "GET INVOLVED! School is a lot more fun when you are a part of something!"

She's got lots to look forward to this year. It's exciting to be a senior! "I'm looking forward to being the oldest and a role model to underclassmen," Cenia said.

Cenia has always lived in Racine and she says it's been an amazing place to grow up. "Case is a great school and I love all the students and staff!"

Looking back on her time at Case, her favorite memory is meeting her best friend Rebecca. "Junior year she was new and I walked up to her in choir and asked her if I could go to her house for lunch and she said yes! Rebecca has a big heart and an amazing voice to match it. Her family is so loving and I always feel welcomed when I'm with them."

Simply beautiful. "I think what makes me unique is my personality," Cenia said. "I have a high self esteem. I feel I don't need to wear makeup everyday for boys to like me. I want boys—and anyone in general—to like me for me."

Cenia's confidence in all aspects of life is inspiring. "My faith is a big part of my life, for sure. I feel safe knowing God has everything planned out for me and whatever happens is for the best." 

"This too shall pass," is the greatest advice Cenia has every received. "I live by this every day. I'm not sure where I heard it from, but whenever I'm going through a tough time, I'm just like, 'This will blow over; you will be okay, Cen.'" 

After graduation, Cenia hopes to attend Arizona State University. She really wants to get out of state—WAY out of state! Ideally, she'd love to teach, especially in special eduction. BUT, working at Disney World is her secret dream. She's looked into auditions and everything! You go, girl.

Thinking about the future can be overwhelming. "I'll miss the freedom of being a child," Cenia admits. "Right now, being a Senior, I cant afford to mess up anymore and by this time next year I won't be living with my family anymore. It scares me yet excites me for the next chapters in my life."

Such a humble [stunning!] young lady. To her fellow graduating seniors, Cenia leaves a genuine, "thank you." Also, "Thank you to my wonderful family for these past 17 years! I am who I am because of you."

After getting to know Yecenia, I'm pretty sure she could BE a Disney cartoon... those eyes, that smile, her voice, her optimistic personality. Best of luck to you, Cenia, although if you keep your head high, I'm not sure you'll even need it. You are the real deal. Enjoy the rest of your senior year!

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