Goodbye Winter

Written by Amber -

Goodbyes can be tough. Sometimes we have a tendency to linger; to drag them out. Winter, I feel like that's where we're at right now. You have demonstrated exceptional resilience this year and I do LOVE a pretty winter.... but don't you think it's time for Spring to have a turn?

At the beginning of March in SE Wisconsin, we received another beautiful, gentle snowfall. It was the kind that covered everything with a soft, white blanket, nice and calmly. It was so peaceful and serene looking—and not all that frigid, either! I figured it'd be the last one like it of the season (not so much, as it turns out, but anyway—) so I went out shooting with my friend Amy. We spent an hour wandering around Petrifying Springs Park in Kenosha as well as the Lake Michigan shoreline outside of my apartment.

I thought if I shared a few photo highlights in a reminiscent spirit, maybe the awkward prolonged goodbye to Winter could be wrapped up. Consider this post my lean out the front door and my wave to Winter as it backs down the driveway...