Christian Life Senior | Not afraid to play in the rain

Written by Amber -

Megan is a senior at Christian Life School (Kenosha, WI). Nothing stands in this girl's way—not even rain on the day of her portrait session! Her sweet family attends our church and I'm so blessed to have gotten to know Megan over the past five years. We've shared mission trip adventures together, youth retreats and so many laughs. Megan has a great sense of humor and a good head on her shoulders. For the sake of these senior portraits, it certainly helps that she's gorgeous, too! We had so much fun dodging rain drops and splashing around during this shoot! Check out Megan's story...

Megan was born in California and her family moved to Racine when she was 5. She attended Racine Christian School for elementary & middle school and has been going to CLS since she was a freshman.

"I will really miss all of my friends and teachers from high school. I love my friends so much and it breaks my heart to know that I won’t get to spend time with them every day next year." Megan said. "I will also miss my teachers. As weird as it sounds, I have some good relationships with my teachers that I have built up over the years. They are good role models to me and have helped me so much."

Looking back on the time she spent in high school, Megan says, "My favorite memories are probably all those long nights of homework… JUST KIDDING. My favorite memories would actually just be hanging out with my friends and just having fun with them. There are too many to pick just one."

Megan has been extremely involved inside and outside of school. She's been a very active Student Leader in her church youth group over the years and has really enjoyed her involvement in Student Government and National Honors Society at CLS. "I just enjoy participating in them and making friends through them."

Megan has played soccer at CLS all four years. "Soccer has been my favorite because I love being on a team with so many great girls. My soccer team always gets so close and they have become some of my best friends in high school."

Megan is choosing to attend Evangel University (Springfield, Missouri) in the fall. "I’m still not quite sure what I would like to major in, but as of right now, it is looking like it will have something to do with photography and media."

To her fellow graduating seniors, Megan says, "I am so glad to have met and built relationships with all of you and  I will miss you so much."

To Megan's underclassmen, she leaves this wise advice, "Have fun. There are so many times that you will be stressed out and feel like there is just so much to do, but in all of the craziness, make sure you take time to relax and just have fun with friends. Those are some of my favorite memories from high school. And of course, work hard. That’s always good."

Megan doesn't have a problem finding ways to have fun. I absolutely love these shots of her playing in the rain! Other things she loves? Well, she could watch the movies 'Mean Girls' or 'Baby Mama' a thousand times and still laugh. And, hands down, Megan's favorite food is chocolate or anything sweet. "I have a MAJOR sweet tooth!"

Megan, thanks for the opportunity to play in the rain with you! This shoot will remain one of my favorites. I admire your bold faith, positive outlook in life and your ability to roll with any situation, making it memorable. I'm going to miss seeing your pretty face around here all the time, but I can't wait to hear about all of the adventures coming your way in college.

Look out, Evangel, this girl is taking the world by storm. Success is the forecast. Have a blast, Megan!