Racine senior portraits | Ryan, Faith & Baseball

Written by Chad -

I'd like to introduce you to Ryan. He is a senior at Case High School (Racine, WI) and is one of the most down-to-earth, level-headed seniors I've met in a long time. I love the natural swag he carries, plus Ryan is intelligent, hilarious and passionate for the Lord. We had a blast with him during his senior portrait session. And, I have to say... Ryan brought his A-game for the camera! Check out his story... 

Looking back on his time in high school, Ryan gives some great advice to his fellow underclassmen, "Get involved, be a leader, have fun, and make the most of every opportunity because you only get to do it once."

Ryan lives by advice he received when he was younger. "I don't listen to what others tell me I can or cannot do, but to listen to what I want and what I think is best and seek it with the guidance of God. Things happen for a reason and God tends to put more on those he knows can take it." Dang kid, preach it!

A fun side note about Ryan. While we were getting the lighting ready for this shot, Ryan and his mom started talking about how tan he is. He loves being outside and out on the water. Lookin' good in white, dude! 

While we are on the fun facts side of Ryan, come to find out this stud can sing and install speakers, subs, head units and anything audio in your car. He says, "It's fun tearing everything apart, putting it back together and hearing the improvements." Well, the next time I get new speakers, I know who to call.

Looking forward, Ryan is excited for his senior year. He can't wait for prom, going on college visits and strengthening his friendships. When asked about his future after college, Ryan says with a smile, "Aquire a job that I love, not just because it pays good." Yes!

One of the things Ryan is going to miss most about high school is his friends. He hopes that he can stay in touch over the years no matter where they end up.

The moment we stepped onto this baseball diamond, Ryan's persona changed. He came alive—it is obvious that Ryan feels "at home" on the field.

Ryan's true passion is baseball. He says, "I strive to be one of the best in the game. And before every game I bring the team out on the pitcher's mound to say the Lord's Prayer."

Ryan is really looking forward to the baseball season. He can't wait to get the bat in his hands and spend time around his teammates. He's pumped about being a leader for his varsity baseball team; making sure that everyone always does their best and keeps a positive attitude.

I asked Ryan what his goals were for after high school and he simply said, "To play baseball." He's not sure where yet, but he's definitely interested in majoring in business and engineering. I'm not worried about his future for a minute... TONS of potential. Ryan, you're going to be great!