For every thing there is a season

Written by Amber -

Right now it's fall. Our leaves are beginning to burst here in Raleigh (in late October, which still feels so late to me). It's beautiful!

This visual of the fall season parallels so closely to our life and business right now. The lush, green scenery was gorgeous, and the changing of colors is now feeling fresh, vibrant and new. That concept relates to the change of pace and content in our lives right now—new friends, new church family, new surroundings, new ideas, new techniques. What we had before was great, and what we are now transitioning into is equally beautiful; it's fresh, vibrant and new.

This morning as I sat on the porch to write in my journal, my hand was scribbling intensely to keep up with the barrage of events my mind wanted recorded. I glanced up quickly at one point, and was instantly taken aback as the sunrise poured through the trees in our backyard. We live on the 18th hole of a golf course, which was sun-soaked and golden. The sight soothed me. I took a deep breath and began to relish in the idea of newness—in the sun rising on another day, and in the vibrancy of colors replacing what had once been there only a few days ago.

God's love felt so near to me this morning. With each peek of light twinkling through the branches, I felt almost a tangible hug from the Holy Spirit. His ways are perfect and he knows what is best for us. More often, I need to just breathe & soak in the season he has put before me. Some pray that God will be with them... In Scripture, it says God has already promised that he will be with us always. I pray today for an increased awareness of His presence.

I just had to run in and grab my camera to capture this moment. These photos—at least in my mind—are an attempt to capture the visual reminder of God's richness in love, his vibrance and creativity, as well as his very real presence in our lives.

This morning, even for a quick moment, I'm choosing to soak in the season that surrounds me.