Beautiful Bright Side Youth Ranch

Written by Amber -
This is Chad and I with Devin and Tia after lunch, before we headed home to Raleigh.

This is Chad and I with Devin and Tia after lunch, before we headed home to Raleigh.

Devin and Tia Tharp are great friends of ours. We got to know them when we all lived in Wisconsin and went to church together. Over the last seven years, we have become quite close and have had many parallels in the ways we follow God's adventures for our lives.

One of the most recent reasons we're proud to call them friends is their up & coming non-profit, Bright Side Youth Ranch. They've been stepping out in faith to make dreams come true for the last couple years as they feel God nudging them to do so. Chad and I have had the honor of designing their brand (logo, support material, website, etc.) as they plan for their launch. We LOVE what they stand for!

"We seek to share the love of God with children through a relationship with horses and a connection with a mentor. Bright Side Youth Ranch is a safe place where the hurting and broken can find redemption, horses can find help, children can find hope, and families can find support. Through an environment of love and an interactive session, we desire for children to learn values of faith, family, and trust."

Three weeks ago, we had the privilege—now that we're only three hours apart!—to spend a couple days with them at their new property in York, South Carolina. It's a gorgeous piece of land, a beautiful home, and is packed with potential to be a successful horse ranch. When we arrived on November 15th, it was a beautiful fall afternoon and I couldn't help but explore their 10 acre land. Here are a few of my favorite nature shots from my quick walk.

Make sure to keep an eye on Bright Side Youth Ranch via their website or Facebook and subscribe to their inspirational blog to stay in the loop on their progress. We can't wait to see what God will do with their obedience and persistence! God bless your family, Devin and Tia.