Aaron | Horlick High School Senior '14

Written by Amber -

We had fun with Aaron at his Senior mini session back in the fall. He was born and raised in Racine and attended St. John's Lutheran School through eighth grade before attending Horlick High School (Racine, WI) for the last four years. Aaron has more going for him than just his good-looking smile—he's also an accomplished academic (in the top of his class!), a member of National Honor Society and a golfer for his school's team.

Regarding academics, Aaron said his favorite high school class was Physics during his junior year. "This year I am the student assistant for the physic teacher," Aaron explained. "Building a Rube Goldberg machine for the class was the highlight. I was named Science Student of the Year by the Horlick science teachers my junior year."

Regarding the athletic side of Aaron, he has always been a fan of golf. In addition to playing for Horlick, he's been on golf courses constantly. "I have been a caddie at Racine Country Club since the end of eighth grade," Aaron said. 

Caddying isn't the only job he holds down, either. "Money motivates me, so I mow lawns for two neighbors and do snow removal for three neighbors. In addition to that I work at Apex Machine Products, a company that my grandfather owns and my father runs."

Aaron enjoys the topic of money so much, he's looking forward to studying it. "I will be attending Carthage College in the fall, majoring in accounting," Aaron said. "I haven’t decided if I will go into public or private accounting, but I plan to take the CPA exam." 

Other passions of Aaron's include the Milwaukee Brewers, the movies "Saving Private Ryan" and "James Bond: Skyfall", the foods pizza, brats and burgers (can you tell he's a Racinian through and through?), and working with computers. "My parents call me the “technology department” of our home," Aaron smiled.

Congratulations to you, Aaron, on all of your fantastic accomplishments over the years. You're almost done with your senior year—keep it up! We're really excited to hear the news that you're heading to Carthage. …We're a bit biased of course, because it's our alma matter. BUT, you're going to love it!

Aaron's Senior Mini-Session can be viewed in his online gallery. I hope you enjoy these photo highlights... 

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