Jessica | Case High School Senior '15

Written by Amber -

It's the first week of her last year of high school! Jessica will be graduating from Case High School (Racine, WI) and we were so honored to meet her and capture this season of her life. Beyond her pretty looks, she has one of the most beautiful personalities we've had the pleasure of meeting. She absolutely rocked her Senior Session with us. I'm loving these image highlights, but I'm even more excited about her story.

"I have always played basketball, volleyball and softball and really enjoy and have a passion for competing and being part of a team," Jessica said. "Softball has always been my favorite because I have always been confident in it." She laughed when she continued, "Sometimes maybe I shouldn't have been so confident." Haha! During Jessica's Senior Session, it was obvious that she came alive when wearing her softball jersey & eye black and when there was a bat or glove in her hands. At school, she has narrowed her athletic focus to softball exclusively and has played on the Varsity team all four years.

"My favorite high school memory is going to state for softball," Jessica remembers. "It was a once in a lifetime experience and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it." Outside of school ball, she has also played for the Wisconsin Lightning Fast Pitch team. She's quite the talented utility player—infield, outfield, or pitcher. "After graduation I want to go to college, but I'm still undecided. I will most likely be majoring in athletic training and would love to play softball also." Wherever she ends up, and whatever she studies, she says, "My goal is to be successful in whatever I do."

During Jessica's high school career, she has also been an active part of other extra curricular activities like Link Crew, Positive Impact, and National Honors Society. Outside of school, you can find her hanging out with her friends. "They have always been there for me no matter what and I love them! I will miss all my friends from high school [after graduation] and being just a kid." In thinking about her upcoming school year, Jessica said, "I'm looking forward to prom and just being a senior. All the things that seniors get to do is what I have been waiting for!"

I asked Jessica what her motivation is. She replied, "It's sort of strange, but I really want my grandparents to be proud of me and also I like to work out and work hard because it makes me feel good. I love laughing, my friends, and where I am right now in life. I am looking forward to moving on, also."

"I have received a lot of good advice over the years," she said. "My grandpa always used to tell us kids to 'be good' and that really sticks with all of us." Jessica leaves this advice: "To underclassmen, I would say to surround yourself with people who support you because it will make high school a good experience. And to my fellow seniors I would say good luck with all you do and I will be seeing you again." 

For extra fun, here are a few things Jessica loves:

  • Ferraris - "I think they are SO awesome!" 
  • Listening to Rascal Flatts
  • Eating Mac and cheese 
  • Drinking Arnold Palmers 
  • Climbing trees (captured the proof of this one!)

We're so proud of her! Jessica, you've got talent, charisma, and a killer smile. We wish you so much success in the rest of your senior year, and beyond!

I hope you enjoy these photo highlights from her recent Senior Session. To view the entire gallery, check it out here »