You are beautiful

We keep hearing about people these days who want to be like someone else, look like someone else, or be someone else altogether. I can’t say I have never had self-doubt or a lack of self-confidence (that would be a lie), but I am thankful that I’ve been surrounded by people who embrace life—the life they’ve been given; the life they’ve chosen to love—to the fullest. This encourages me to keep my head held high, to smile more, and to hold tightly to my beliefs. I don’t believe God is capable of making mistakes, so when you look in the mirror today, my prayer is that you see the natural, true beauty He gave you.

“Pretty" aims for perfection, while “Beauty" embraces the flaws and raw qualities of honest life. You are beautiful, flaws and all, and each of those “flaws” actually gives you necessary distinction from the next person. God created you to be YOU for a reason—He doesn’t need two of someone else.