Real Life is Messy

If I had a dollar for every day of my life I felt like I had it all together, I’d be broke.⠀

In this current culture of comparison we live in, there is a desire to project the image of the life we wish we had or the image of the life we want others to think we have. Do you ever stop and wonder if that pretty, perfect, put-together life is pretend? Are you exhausted by it like I am?⠀

I’m not sure about you, but my house is messy more often than not, the dishes are dirty more often than not, the laundry lies in piles more often than not, I feel unaccomplished and unqualified more often than not. And you know what? I’m ok with that because it just means that my house is lived in and loved in, that we’ve enjoyed meals together, that we’ve prioritized quality time together over tidying up, and that I haven’t accepted a boring, stagnant life.⠀

I truly believe that honest, real life is beautiful, imperfect and messy. I believe that THAT life—real life—is worth embracing, documenting and remembering. ⠀

I'd love to artfully capture your family's current season with a Real Life Session of documentary photos. It'll be a relaxed Session with no posing and no coaxing because real life is beautiful, as-is.⠀

Sessions start at $99. Details here.