Jeremy & Becky's Wedding Day (Myrtle Beach, SC)

[ Don't miss this "highlights reel" slideshow (above) for a quick look at some of the sweetest moments and details from the entire day. ]

Becky was ready for life-change. She stepped into a new church with the prophetic words from a friend in the back of her mind that she'd meet her husband there. [Enter Jeremy.] He had been praying fervently for a wife who loved the Lord. Some might say it was fate that these two met at church—we'd call it God's perfect will.

I'm not sure we've witnessed a more intentional, beautiful love between two people! Their personal marriage vows were enough to make even the wedding guests tear up. And as their friend Adrian said in a toast during the reception, "If you're in this room right now, it's safe to say you either love Jesus or you're about to." The love Jeremy and Becky have for the people around them is evident in every action they make and word they speak. What a power couple for the Kingdom—the enemy is shaking in his boots over this union, and we couldn't be more excited for (or inspired by) the Browns!

It was truly our pleasure to document every little moment of their special day. They were wed on the sunny oceanfront at Island Vista Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. Meeting their families and closest friends was a privilege.

This post contains some of the image highlights from the day. I hope you enjoy the video slideshow above as well as the images below. If you'd like to see even more of the images, you can check out their full gallery here.