From bowling to marriage | Matt & Erin are Engaged

Written by Amber -

I'd like to introduce you to Matt. He is one of our best friends from college [and one of the most loyal, for that matter]. He was even crazy enough to room with Chad in the dorms for a year! His sensitivity to others and his impersonations & quick-witted sense of humor make him a magnet to fun people. That is no doubt why he met Erin. Her sweet, down-to-earth personality compliments Matt perfectly. We couldn't be any more excited that these two love birds will be getting married in a couple weeks!

Matt and Erin were introduced to each other by a very special couple. Matt went to preschool with the guy and they had remained friends throughout high school. He happened to be married to Erin's best friend from childhood!

Their first date was at a bowling alley called the Tivoli in downtown Downers Grove. It was like quadruple date—there were 3 other couples in attendance. There's safety in numbers, right?

I love a good first impression story. Erin says, "Matt was extremely caring, very silly and full of energy. And that hasn't changed since I've known him." Matt says smiling, "I thought she had a nice butt. I saw her walking across the street at a stoplight before we all met up at the bowling alley, and I thought she was quite attractive. I still think she has a nice behind. That hasn't changed." Haha! I love it.

Neither Matt nor Erin believe in "love at first sight", but they both knew there was something "different" right away. Matt said, "I knew I was dealing with something unlike anything I had ever come across before. I had very early inklings that Erin was 'the one.'"

"I always knew there was something special about Matt, even before I even met him. I just had a good feeling about him. The friend who helped set us up has known me all my life...I knew if she was recommending someone for me, he had to be good. She only expects the best for me," Erin said with a smile.

I love Matt's description of the proposal. "I took Erin back to the street corner in Downers Grove where we first got to know one another one on one—we chatted for a couple hours on the night of our first date after all the other couples left. It was raining - just like it was on the night we first met. A minivan full of what seemed like tween girls and a mom cheered and congratulated us after the proposal...we didn't realize anyone was watching until we heard the thunderous roars from the road."

"My favorite thing about Matt is how caring he is. He is incredibly supportive of me and any decision I may have to make. He is always there for me and for his friends and family. And he makes me feel special."

"Erin has the biggest heart out of anyone I have ever met. And she is very low maintenance and non-materialistic. She also leads a very active lifestyle."

We asked Matt and Erin what their secret to relationship success is. They responded, "Good communication is key...and lots of laughing and joking around—not taking ourselves too seriously. We think communication and sharing a sense of humor are the two most important aspects to keeping a relationship alive."

You two make us smile! Congratulations again and we can't wait to photograph your wedding! We're counting the days…. (17 in case you were curious). See you soon!