Learn Photography: 3 in-depth 2-hour Courses

Learn Photography: 3 in-depth 2-hour Courses


This one-on-one, personalized course is ideal for the beginner or amateur photographer who:

  • has a fancy digital camera but no idea how to use it
  • wants to learn about "exposure" and other foreign camera lingo
  • is trying to bust out of the limitations of the auto mode on their camera
  • desires more "pizazz" in their photos by learning about good composition

In the first 2-hour Course with Amber Langhoff, you'll walk away with a greater understanding of the modes on your camera and a greater working knowledge of photography in general. You'll be inspired to try new techniques with confidence. You'll leave with a workbook of the information you learned in the Course as a reference to be used in the future.

In the following two 2-hour Courses, you'll work hands-on with Amber on the topics that most interest you and/or challenge you as a developing photographer. With camera in-hand, you'll learn by observing and practicing right alongside Amber as she answers all of your questions.

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